An Art Education Program

Fine Artists

FineArtistsLogoSince 1989 I have taught scores of parents and students the basics of fine art. The Fine Artists™ Program has evolved from my professional and volunteer experience.  I believe Fine Artists™, gives every child the opportunity to paint, draw and express their own creativity. My art program trains volunteer art docents to teach original curriculum unique to each Fine Artists™ school. Children who experience Fine Artists™ throughout their elementary education become sophisticated in their ability to recognize famous artists as well as use a variety of mediums and fine art techniques.

Over the years I have witnessed classroom teachers struggle with numerous challenges including over-crowded classrooms and diminished funding and classroom time for creative arts. Art in the classroom generally has been craft oriented and not connected to art history or fine art techniques. Many children can go through elementary education and middle school years with little instruction about fine art and famous artists.

I am not alone in wanting to help offer fine art lessons to all children. Volunteer art docent parents have proven to be strong partners in education, complementing classroom curriculum. Classroom teachers, I have found, welcome the energy, enthusiasm and experience art docent parents bring to their classrooms.

My philosophy about teaching young artists is that the beginning artist is hungry to understand technique and materials. Young artists are brimming with ideas, but many find they do not have the ability to draw and paint with the skill they would like. Art is like any other discipline. Art must be practiced.  I often use the example of learning penmanship. Every one of us had to practice making shapes that formed letters others could recognize. Each one of us traced letters and followed samples to make the shapes we wanted. Yet, even with the rote teaching techniques of learning penmanship—everyone has their own unique signature and handwriting.

The Fine Artists™ program introduces children to technique and materials. Each lesson includes historical perspective and a literacy component. The process of using the materials, learning the techniques and learning about art history is what Fine Artists™ works to accomplish. It is a process—a shared journey of learning that really isn’t about the finished product. Children learn to respond to art with confidence, interest and delight. They learn new ways to see and experience the world.

City-wide recognition and awards of student art work from Fine Artists™ program includes:

  • San Diego Museum of Art Young Art Show Juried Shows
  • Annual Southern California Exposition Student Art Show
  • SD City Schools Superintendent’s Show, annually
  • SDCAEA juried art show
  • San Diego County Office of Education juried Art Show
  • California Art Education Association juried Show in Pasadena
  • San Diego International Airport exhibit of Kumeyaay Elementary Student Mural, which has been acquired for the airport’s  permanent collection

Kathleen Kane-Murrell
Fine Artists™ Founder